Fahmid Morshed Fahid

I am a Ph.D. student in the RAISE Lab at North Carolina State University , under the supervision of Dr. Tim Menzies . My research interest is to understand Software Engineering domain using Machine Learning, AI, Data Mining and Optimization.

Before joining NC State, I worked as a Software Engineer in Research and Development department of Reve System Ltd. . I obtained my Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) .

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My research interest is to understand Software Engineering domain using Machine Learning, AI, Optimization and Data Mining techniques to solve real-world problems. I believe that the next decade will find better, cheaper and simpler ways to process and utilize large-scale data and will find an optimized human-in-the-loop framework for understandably, controllability and reliability.

I am currently trying to identify Technical Debt in Source Code using Mechine Learning techniques. Finding Technical Debt while the software is still in the development phase will ensure optimized, reliable and secured product which in turn will reduce the software development cost in both short term and in long term.

Industrial Experience

Software Engineer at Reve Systems Ltd.

March 2017 - August 2018 (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Full Stack Agile development using Java Struts framework. Maintained Linux server, MySQL database, Packet Scheduling for 20 commercial projects. Developed four e-commerce websites, one digital evedance management system for Bangladesh Government, one CRM software.

Teaching Assistantship Experience

CSC216 - Fall 2018 (Programming Concepts - Java) at NCSU


Identifying StackOverflow Post Similarities

Course Project (NCSU) - AI, Machine Learning, Word Embedding, Hyper-parameter Optimization, Multi-processing, Clustering, Classification, Python

Predict post similarities using word2vec word embedding and FLASH tuned SVM classifiers on multi-processor. Tried both clustered and unclustered approach. Also used Differential Evolution algorithm to Tune as a baseline. Imrpoved the F1 Score by 5% and Runtime by 10% over the baseline of Majumdar et al. 2018.


Visualisation Library Comparision: Matplotlib vs Plotly

Course Project (NCSU) - Static Analysis, Code Smells, Repository Mining, Statistics, Python

Compared the Code Smells, Runtime, Render-time, Community and Repository structures etc. Findings: although Plotly offeres many state-of-the-art functionalities like cross language integration, web integration, interactive graphs etc., Matplotlib is still a Safer (Code Smells and Oper-source community) and Cheaper (Runtime and Render Time) choice over Plotly.


Web Project Environemnt Hub

National Hackathon Project (2016) - PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Codeigniter, Bootstrap

Two day National Level Hackathon in Bangladesh. This website was designed to show the trash location, current environemtal hazards. Two different types of users were used. One Admin type, who manages the databases and updates, while a regular user, who can post new hazard locations. This project was in the Top 10 Projects under Environemnt Category.


Java Game From Scratch Jumping-Ju

Course Project (BUET) - Java, OOP, Game Engine, Animation, Sprites, File Handeling

A course project on OOP. A platform game created from scratch. Learned about game loop, animation, game physics etc.

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